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LINKEDIN PROFILES NOW LIVE We are delighted to announce that we now have LinkedIn profiles for over 95% of our contacts.

Posted by Catherine - Thursday 20th September 2018

Bikinilists has teamed up with Heather @ iHeart Marketing to serve the US Market even better! Welcome to the bikinilists family!

Posted by Catherine - Monday 17th September 2018

Sweet! We've launched custom headers & footers to help you build your campaigns. Just ask the promos team to help you get started.

Posted by Catherine - Thursday 14th August 2018

Introducing Bikinilinks

Published by Catherine | 19th September 2018


We are delighted to announce that we now have LinkedIn profiles for over 95% of our contacts. Compliment your email marketing by directly connecting with your recipients, or browse our comprehensive database of the world's top creative commissioners and cut to the chase with a direct message.

Grab a free account here.

How to create a GDPR friendly email campaign

Published by Catherine | 19th February 2018

Although the new legislation will not change much for the content of your email marketing campaign. It's good to cover all of your bases and ticks the four main points of GDPR as it applies to email marketing. We could all use a l'il peace of mind.

G. You Give Contact Details
D. You Do Relevant Work
P. You Promote B2B - not B2C, Business to Consumer
R. You Respect Opt Outs


Get Marketing Fit for 2018

Published by Catherine | 17th January 2018

2017. Just when we thought nothing could be as bad as losing David Bowie and Alan Rickman in one year (actually the same month!) 2017 happened. Now we have healed, we have convalesced over Christmas, binged our favourite shows on Netflix, it's time to get marketing fit for 2018.

So take your protein pills and put your helmet on.


Bikinilist's Top Tips and Quick Tricks for Email Marketing

Published by Catherine | 18th May 2017

You've got the talent, the images and now the lists, but how do you start utilising these lists and getting your work out there. Over the years email marketing has changed, and it has definitely changed at Bikini. So scrap the old format and make your campaigns fresh, trendy and most importantly, simple.


Adam goes stateside...

Bikini interviews top Advertising Photographer Adam Swords...

Hi Adam! Firstly, What made you choose BikiniLists?

I was recommended Bikinilists by another photographer friend of mine. Even though I'm in the advertising industry, I really value word of mouth recommendations especially those from my peers and so I decided to take a closer look at what Bikinilists could offer me.

What has been your experience of working with BikiniLists?

Since I first signed up I've always had exceptional service from Bikinilists. I don't often need to contact them directly as the user interface is very simple and easy to use, but any direct contact I have had has always been a pleasure.


Here at Bikinilists, we have over 50,000 global creative contacts that need your talent.

Your work is great - we know that, so stop worrying about self-promotion and start putting your work in front of the people who need it today.

Make connections. Build a career. Let us help you do it.

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Bikinilists in the news

Here's a recent blog post from media journalist Garrick Webster...

Illustrators and photographers – how to find new clients

by Garrick Webster | Use coupon code GARRICK20 to save 20% on account upgrades

Subscribing to a list service doesn't sound very exciting, but it's an effective way of finding new clients in the creative industries. Here's a look at what's available to today's creative…

Marketing. It can be the bane of your life if you are a creative professional. While it's true that some of us love the cut and thrust of seeking out and landing new clients, for many creatives marketing yourself just gets in the way of... well... being creative. Photographers, illustrators, designers and visual effects pros don't spend years honing their skills and developing their unique styles in order to sit around fiddling with email marketing campaigns. For many, it's a chore you might undertake after updating your portfolio, and only if there's no coffee in the house and no work coming in.

Read more... | Log in with Coupon GARRICK20 to see how much you could save.

Thank you Matt McKee for this amazing testimonial!
"I have used several list/directory/email companies over the years. Bikinilists has stood out for a number of reasons. Certainly, it’s up there on ease of use. It’s lists are accurate and very well targeted. Ah, and the customer service! That has taken it over the top!
I can’t say enough about the Bikini Crew... Responsive and informative, they help to make my marketing challenges fun, easy and successful!"

Posted by Ross - Monday 19th Feb 2018

What GDPR means for Photographers, Illustrators, Reps and Stock Agencies How will the new EU GDPR law affect you as a Photographer, Illustrator, Agent or Stock Library? Find out more here...

Posted by Ross - 30th January 2018

Check out our get Marketing Fit article for 2018! Whether your a newbie or just want a different approach this year there are loads of tips, steps and useful information. Sweet!

Posted by Catherine - Friday 19th January 2018

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