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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your data any good?

Our data is excellent. In fact there is no other resource like Bikinilists. We have deeper and wider coverage than any other creative list supplier and our experienced industry researchers check and verify all our data on a rolling 90-day cycle in local languages. Additionally, we verify all our email data every 2 weeks.

Which European countries do you cover?

We have contact details for the leading creative companies in The UK, top flight Advertising & Editorial Contacts in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and Finland. We also include South African data as part of our European package.

Exactly who is covered in BikiniLists job titles?

Art Buyers
People within companies who are responsible for sourcing art and images.

Creative Directors
Those Creative Directors who are Art Directors.

Art Directors
Includes Head of Art, Senior Art Directors and Art Directors.

Includes Senior Designers, Designers.

Creative Services/Buyer
Anyone involved in the commissioning practice who is not any of the above.

Do you have North American data?

We sure do! Not only do we have the freshest lists of USA image buyers - we also make it so easy for you to get the data you really need in manageable bite-sized chunks so you can reach out to new potential clients for less. You can access these contacts as part of our BikiniUSA package.

What is BikiniEmail?

BikiniEmail is our super-easy email marketing service designed specifically for creatives. It allows you to create and send beautiful HTML email templates showcasing your latest work with our expert promotional team supporting you all the way.

BikinEmail is seamlessly integrated with our list building service, allowing you to load in your previously built custom lists and send out your campaigns to your future clients.

The BikiniEmail service also includes awesome analytic and reports features that enable you to track and reach out to potential new clients after your campaign goes out.

Which types of companies are included in the Bikinilists business categories?

Ad Agencies
Art Buyers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Designers and TV & Digital Departments in agencies large and small. From award-winning start-ups to global agency networks.

Graphic Design
Bang-up-to-date lists of award-winning firms who regularly use photographers, illustrators, stock agencies and animators on projects from packaging, brochures, mobile apps and corporate publicity.

Everything from speciality book publishers to large multi-nationals. Business, Children's, Education, Food, Fiction, Home & Garden, Medical, Sports, Technical, Teen, Travel and more.

Access full contact info for Photo Editors, Picture Researchers, Designers, Art Editors and more. Search by job title, magazine name, category or hiring frequency.

TV Production & Motion
Reach out to TV Producers and Motion Designers in broadcast and commercial production companies. Network Dramas, Feature Films, Pop Promos, News, Sport, Documentaries, TV Ads.

Architecture & Interiors
Exclusive, specialist data for photographers, animators, illustrators and stock libraries looking for projects in this sector. A premium list of leading architects and interior designers gathered by our crack team of research wizards.

Go direct to Brand Managers, In-house Design Teams, Marketing Managers, Press & PR contacts in construction, automotive, cosmetics, drinks, entertainment, fashion, food, media, industrial, pharmaceuticals, leisure, travel, retail and more.

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