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Testimonials from users of our platform

We love that it’s an excellent resource & so on it when we submit research requests. We’re very impressed!

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Julia King
Shortlist Management

Bikinilists' new platform enables AICP members to connect with new business opportunities around the globe.

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AICP New York

We love Bikinilists here at Snyder New York. It is working really well for us
Thanks guys!

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Kristina Snyder
Snyder New York

My marketing campaigns are now sharper, on-point and more varied... I wholeheartedly recommend Bikinilists!

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Matt Francis
Love Commercial

We contacted 3 major creative agencies and subsequently pitched for various projects that totalled £135,000

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Production Company

Bikinilists' data is up-to-date, relevant, and well-priced.

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Hancock & Handsome
Photogaphers' Agents

Three new clients, including a big campaign for a household brand. There's more in the pipeline as well!

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Matt Davis

We chose Bikinilists after countless recommendations. The customer service is incredible!

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The Other Richard

Using Bikinilists, I've secured several new clients & I'm currently working on a project for a company I dreamed about for years.

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Lyn Alice

Using Bikinilists for campaigns has got us attention in our target markets. We get requests and job assignments directly after our mail-outs.

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Julia & Ingolf

Really good. It's a must in the industry to self promote. I have had good feedback and been contacted on a number of occasions. Get on it.

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Dan Prince

I can’t say enough about the Bikini Crew. They are responsive and informative, and they help to make my marketing challenges fun, easy and successful!

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Matt McKee

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