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Why Illustrator Paul Collicutt uses Bikinilists

Published by Steph - 14th January 2022

Why Illustrator Paul Collicutt uses Bikinilists

"Before Christmas, work was really busy and all - apart from one client - were jobs from Bikinilists contacts. I'm getting repeat work from clients I got via Bikinilists. I'd never have worked for them in the first place if it wasn't for your lists.

The great thing about BikiniLists is that it keeps going as well... so for instance I got contacts from new companies recently that must have been getting my mail-outs. Bikinilists is the way into these companies."

Full Article - Why Illustrator Paul Collicutt uses Bikinilists

Bikinilists Advent Calendar 2021

Published by Steph - 17th December 2021

Bikinilists Advent Calendar 2021

The Bikinilists Elves have been hard at work, creating our 2021 Advent Calendar with free creative treats and goodies up for grabs each day!

From company contacts on the house, to account bolt-ons and credit bundle boosters, we're sure to have something you really, really want this year.

Remember to check back daily :)

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas & Holiday Season.
The Bikinilists Team

Full Article - Bikinilists Advent Calendar 2021

Remembering Our Great Friend Kenny

Published by Steph - 7th December 2021

Remembering Our Great Friend Kenny

Remembering our great friend and colleague Kenny who died suddenly in November 2021.

We'll miss Kenny's charm, positivity and professionalism in all that he did at BikiniLists.

Kenny's family have set up this page for people to share tributes and donations.

Full Article - Remembering Our Great Friend Kenny

Bikini UK Package for Illustrators

Published by Steph - 25th November 2021

Bikini UK Package for Illustrators

Find your dream clients in Agencies, Editorial & Brands.

This custom Bikinilists package for professional illustrators gives you instant access to Art Buyers, Art Producers, Designers, Art Directors and Digital Creatives who regularly commission illustration work...

Advertising || Design || Magazines || Publishing || Direct Brands

Only £450.00 + VAT

Click below to sign up online and get the special deal.

Full Article - Bikini UK Package for Illustrators

Book a Bikinilists Test Drive

Published by Steph - 16th November 2021

Book a Bikinilists Test Drive

Get 12 months' access to the most accurate lists of Creative Buyers who commission Photographers at Agencies, Brands and Editorial for less than you think!

log in, build lists of new Creative clients, download email addresses straight to you device 24/7 and get your work in front of Art Directors, Creative Directors, Producers and Photo editors.

Let's book a time for a BikiniLists test drive and you can see how easy it is. When works for you for a 10 minute zoom call?

Full Article - Book a Bikinilists Test Drive

Production Service Network Campaign

Published by Catherine - 22nd October 2021

Production Service Network Campaign

Latest campaign from Production Service Network.

PSN is the common denominator for production companies, agencies, agencies, and studios shooting overseas.

Why not create your own campaign?

Full Article - Production Service Network Campaign

CGI Production Agency Email Campaign

Published by Catherine - 22nd October 2021

CGI Production Agency Email Campaign

Top campaign from Best Of Breed.

BOB has consistently helped deliver outstanding imaging for print, animation, VR and AR. That's why they have built successful worldwide relationships with clients throughout the advertising and entertainment industries.

Why not create your own campaign?

Full Article - CGI Production Agency Email Campaign

How Photographers use Bikinilists and LinkedIn

Published by Steph - 22nd October 2021

How Photographers use Bikinilists and LinkedIn

In the last 18 months we've noticed more Photographers are utilising the power of LinkedIn to build relationships with new clients.

LinkedIn is a great way to expand your network and get your work seen by more people. That's why we added LinkedIn profiles to the Photo Buyers on our database... so you can log in, start building connections and meeting new clients.

AOP Photographers can get access to this fantastic networking tool for less, with this exclusive Bikinilists package for AOP members.

Full Article - How Photographers use Bikinilists and LinkedIn

Time to Start Promoting Your Work

Published by Steph - 8th October 2021

Time to Start Promoting Your Work

Autumn's here, which means It's time to start promoting your Photography work to new clients!

As more companies re-start their marketing, you need to make sure your latest Photography work is on their radar.

A Bikinilists subscription is a great way to kick-start your Creative Photography Promotions and get your images in front of new Photography Commissioners and Buyers, ready for the busiest part of the year.

Download lists of Art Directors, Photo Editors and Marketing contacts in just 4 clicks. Click the button below to watch a quick video, demonstrating just how easy it is to create fresh lists of Photography Buyers in just a few clicks...

Full Article - Time to Start Promoting Your Work

How to Get More Photography Clients

Published by Steph - 9th September 2021

How to Get More Photography Clients

As a Photographer wondering how to get more Photography Clients, The Bikinilists Photographer Buyers Database is what you've been waiting for!

The Bikinilists Photography Buyers Database makes it simple to contact Photography Commissioners at top Advertising Agencies, Corporations, Graphic Design Firms, Publishing Houses and Magazines.

Why Bikinilists is the best for Photographers looking for more Photography Clients

Bikinilists' Photography Buyers Database is updated round the clock by our crack team of Photography Industry researchers, meaning you can spend less time looking for Photography Buyers and more time doing what you love... creating great images!

What types of companies are included in the Bikinilists Photography Buyers Database?

  • Advertising Agencies, large and small
  • Corporations in Fashion, Food, Automotive and more
  • Award-winning Graphic Design Firms
  • Specialist Book Publishers and Multi-Nationals
  • Top Magazines for Editorial Projects
  • Broadcast and Commercial Production Companies

How can I use these contacts to get more Photography Clients?

Bikinilists gives you full Company and Contact Details for the top Contacts at the top Agencies. Company address, website address and Creatives' contact details. Brand details - an invaluable list of brands working with each company. Last but not least, handy admin tools such as Google Maps, Streetview showing the exact Agency location, Nifty Notes and a feedback form, helping to keep the mighty Bikinilists data engine running smoothly.

Which territories can I find more Photography Clients in?

Bikinilists maintains meticulous Creative Contact Databases for:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • Asia

Full Article - How to Get More Photography Clients

Exclusive Package for AOP Photographers

Published by Steph - 6th September 2021

Exclusive Package for AOP Photographers

Download new client lists in 4 clicks...

  1. Click the region.
  2. Click the sector.
  3. Click your speciality.
  4. Click save.

Continuously-updated lists that you can access as many times as you like - every day throughout the year.

See how easy it is...

Get this special AOP package including your first email campaign free.

Full Article - Exclusive Package for AOP Photographers

Bikinilists is Hiring!

Published by Steph - 31st August 2021

Bikinilists is Hiring!

Bikinilists is delighted to announce that we are looking to expand our account management team!

If you or someone you know is looking to join a great crew and work in this exciting industry please get in touch at

Full Article - Bikinilists is Hiring!

Find Lists of Creative Contacts at UK Corporations

Published by Steph - 27th August 2021

Find Lists of Creative Contacts at UK Corporations

In the last 6 months, Bikinilists has expanded its list of UK in-house Creative Contacts to over 5,700 across over 1,100 Brands, an increase of 45 percent!

What type of contacts are included in the Bikinilists UK Direct to Brands list?

Bikinilists' UK Corporations and Brands list includes In-House Creative Buyers, CMO's, Marketing Managers and Press Contacts that are looking for content like yours.

Which UK Corporates and Brands are included in the Bikinilists database for the UK?

Here's just a small sample:

  • Actimel - Brand Managers and Brand Marketing Managers
  • Barclays UK - Senior Brand Managers, Marketing Managers and CMO's
  • Channel 4 - Communications Officers, Creatives and Marketing Leads
  • Dixons Carphone - Project Managers and Digital Designers
  • Expedia - Senior Brand Managers and Marketing Managers
  • Ford Motor Company - Marketing Managers
  • Getty Images - Art Directors and Picture Editors
  • Halfords - Heads of Marketing and Digital Designers
  • Instagram - Brand Leads, Marketing Leads, Communications Managers
  • Jimmy Choo - Graphic Designers, Digital Designers, Marketing Managers
  • Kraft Heinz - Brand Managers and Marketing Leads
  • L'oreal - Brand Managers and Marketing Managers
  • Matalan PLC - Senior Graphic Designers, Creative Marketing Managers
  • Nestle UK - Senior Brand Managers and Digital Marketing Leads
  • Ovo Energy - Brand Managers and Marketing Managers
  • PepsiCo - Creative Directors, Brand Managers and Heads of Marketing
  • Quiz Clothing - Creative Brand Managers and Digital Designers
  • Rimmel - Brand Managers and Digital Designers
  • Selfridges - Brand PR Managers and Marketing Managers
  • Ted Baker - Creative Producers, Production Managers and Creative Leads
  • Unilever - Heads of Advertising Production, Senior Brand Managers and Brand Leads
  • Virgin Media - Brand Directors and Marketing Managers
  • Waitrose and Partners - Marketing Managers, Heads of Design and Heads of Brand Marketing
  • XYZ Brand Experience - Creative Directors and Design Leads
  • Youtube - Marketing Managers and Creative Leads
  • Zurich Insurance - Marketing Managers

Don't spend your time searching for the top UK Creative Corporations and Brands... we've done that already.

Concentrate instead on what you do best... Creating great work!

Full Article - Find Lists of Creative Contacts at UK Corporations

How to find US Freelance Agency Producers

Published by Steph - 20th August 2021

How to find US Freelance Agency Producers

In the last 18 months, more and more Agency TV Producers at top US Advertising Agencies are going freelance, meaning TVC Production Companies need to keep connected to these contacts as they move around from agency to agency.

In the post-covid era it has become more difficult and time-consuming to keep track of these guys. That's where we come in!

Here at Bikinilists we've done the hard work so you don't have to, by collating an ever-growing list of top Freelance TV Producers in the USA, constantly updated and ready for you to access 24/7.

You can search for Freelance Producers by name and region... then view email addresses, LinkedIn profiles and link straight to the Producers' own websites to contact them.

Stop wasting time scouring the web for the right freelance producers and concentrate instead on what you do best... Producing great content!

Full Article - How to find US Freelance Agency Producers

NY Photographers Agency Campaign

Published by Catherine - 18th August 2021

NY Photographers Agency Campaign

Beautiful campaign from Holly Corbett Represents.

HCR strives to work with imagination, with creative sensibility and business know-how so all our clients experience a deeply rewarding and long-term relationship with us.

We help produce truly unique, memorable and tailored solutions.

If you are a client or an artist looking to be truly listened to, need the know-how but don't want to be a cog in the corporate machine, then HCR is the agency for you.

Why not create your own campaign?

Full Article - NY Photographers Agency Campaign

Advertising Revenues Rebound

Published by Steph - 4th August 2021

Advertising Revenues Rebound

British Broadcaster ITV has reported the largest June advertising revenues in its 66-year history. ITV believes that they have seen the worst of the panedemic, helped by the relaxation of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions and England's run to the final of Euro 2020.

England's semi-final win over Denmark was viewed by an ITV audience of around 26 million.

These bolstered figures will be music to the ears of Bikinilists' hundreds of Production Companies, Photographers, Illustrators and Reps, as everyone aims to get back on track after one of the most difficult periods of 18 months in recent memory.

Let's get your advertising back on track and get more commissions this Summer. Bikinilists is here and ready to help you do it!

Full Article - Advertising Revenues Rebound

Secrets of a Top Photographer

Published by Steph - 22nd July 2021

Secrets of a Top Photographer

Bikinilists interviewed top Advertising Photographer Adam Swords...

Hi Adam! Firstly, What made you choose BikiniLists?
I was recommended Bikinilists by another photographer friend of mine. Even though I'm in the advertising industry, I really value word of mouth recommendations especially those from my peers and so I decided to take a closer look at what Bikinilists could offer me.

What has been your experience of working with BikiniLists?
Since I first signed up I've always had exceptional service from Bikinilists. I don't often need to contact them directly as the user interface is very simple and easy to use, but any direct contact I have had has always been a pleasure.

Has it been easy to promote on a regular basis?
The beauty of the service is that you can schedule as many campaigns as your budget allows for - if you want to do one a week, go ahead. I personally try to get something out every 4-6 weeks so that I always have fresh, high quality work to show to art buyers.

What have been the benefits to your business with the USA market specifically?
Relocating from the UK to the USA was certainly a daunting prospect. But as soon as I arrived here I was able to access a huge database of art buyers which was invaluable in kick starting my business on this side of the pond. I can't even imagine where I would have started trying to get contact details for all of those people had I not been a subscriber.

Have you secured new clients / appointments as a result of using our service?
I've set up meetings as a direct result of having access to the bikinilists database over here and if all goes to plan, will be bidding on shoots within the next 4-6 weeks.

What would you say to someone else that is considering using BikiniLists?
The beauty of Bikinilists is that it takes a huge amount of stress out of marketing your photography business. As I said, trying to get the contact information of all of the art buyers I have contacted without having access to the Bikinilists database would have been a monumental job. The best piece of advice I can give though is to make it clear that Bikinilists is not there to do the hard work for you. It's a foot in the door, a handshake, the first step on the way to landing that dream gig. Don't expect to subscribe to Bikinilists, sit back and see the jobs flooding in. You still have to hustle and at the end of the day it's the quality of your work that will win you the job. So as long as you understand that the Bikinilists service is a marketing tool and not a complete solution, you'll have a lot of success with it.

Full Article - Secrets of a Top Photographer

Photography Jobs Near Me

Published by Steph - 14th July 2021

Photography Jobs Near Me

If you're currently asking yourself "How do I find more Photography Jobs Near Me", then you've come to the right place! Business-savvy photographers know that success isn't just about producing spectacular work. There's more to it than that. Ask any famous photographer and they're sure to say the same thing: Relationships.

It's absolutely vital to a successful career that you build strong relationships with the people who need your work. These relationships are worth their weight in gold!

As a savvy 21st photographer looking for jobs near you, you don't have time to try for the attention of people who don't need you. You need to focus on your niche, you need to focus on your ideal customer, and you need an easy way to weed out the people who won't be interested in your work. You need to put your work right into people's hands so that they realize, "This is exactly what I've been looking for all along!"

That's how you build a successful career - you use your work to build relationships. And that's where we can help you.

Here at Bikinilists, we have over 50,000 global creative contacts that need your talent. They need great images... if you're a creative human being, we know someone who needs you.

And we've built a tool to take all of the guesswork out of managing your email campaigns. Our BikiniEmail campaigns help you put your work right in front of the people who need it, all without the complexity of designing a campaign from scratch. Subscribers of all types consistently report a marked uptick in interest (and business) once they start using our system.


Your work is great - we know that. Stop worrying about self-promotion and start putting your work in front of the people who need it today, to get more photography jobs near you

Make connections. Build a career. Let us help you do it.

Full Article - Photography Jobs Near Me

Top Advertising Agencies London

Published by Steph - 9th July 2021

Top Advertising Agencies London

Do you need a list of the top Advertising Agencies in London? Look no further, as the Bikinilists Top Advertising Agencies in London list is right here!

Our list is comprehensive and always bang up-to-date with the best agencies in the UK's advertising epicentre.

  • 10 Days London
  • 2050 London
  • 20something
  • 20Ten Creative
  • 2112 Communications
  • 21GRAMS
  • 23Red
  • 3CC London
  • 48.1 London
  • 4Creative
  • Above+Beyond
  • Accord Marketing
  • Acne London
  • Adam and Youngson
  • Adam&EveDDB
  • AEP Advertising
  • Agency Inc.
  • Agency Space
  • AKA UK
  • AKQA
  • AllCity Media
  • AllTogetherNow
  • AML
  • Amp London
  • Amplify
  • AnalogFolk
  • And Rising
  • Angel
  • Anomaly
  • Antidote Advertising
  • Arthur London
  • Assembly London
  • Atomic London
  • Atticmedia
  • Bandstand
  • Bartle Bogle Hegarty BBH
  • BBC Creative London
  • BBD Perfect Storm
  • BD Network
  • Beehive Agency
  • BETC London
  • Big Al's Creative Emporium
  • Blonde
  • BMB Agency
  • Born Group
  • BPL Marketing
  • Brandfuel Ltd
  • Brandwidth
  • Brave Advertising
  • Breakfast Agency
  • Bright Partnerships
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Byte London
  • Cake
  • Candyspace
  • Captive Minds
  • Cavendish Design and Advertising
  • CDM London
  • Cheil
  • Clubhouse Studio
  • Code and Theory
  • Coley Porter Bell
  • Collider
  • Come the Glorious Day Ltd
  • Consider Creative
  • Craft WW
  • Create Advertising Group
  • Creative Orchestra
  • Creature
  • Crispin Porter + Bogusky
  • Critical Mass
  • Cubo
  • Cult LDN
  • Curious
  • Dare
  • Dark Horses
  • DBOX
  • DDB Remedy
  • Dekko Creative
  • Delete Agency
  • Dentsu Aegis Network
  • Dentsu McGarryBowen
  • Dentsu X
  • Dewynters
  • Digital Marmalade
  • Digitas Health London
  • Digitas UK
  • DixonBaxi
  • DJA
  • Dog Cat & Mouse
  • Don't Panic London
  • Doremus
  • Draftline London
  • Droga5
  • Drum London
  • Edelman
  • Eg+Worldwide
  • Eight&Four
  • Ekstasy
  • Elvis
  • Essence
  • EveryFriday
  • Evoke Group
  • Exposure
  • Fat Beehive
  • FCB Inferno
  • Feed Agency
  • Feref
  • Field Day London
  • Financial Marketing Limited
  • Fishawack Health
  • Flipside Group
  • Flying Object
  • Fold7 Advertising
  • Forever Beta
  • Four Communications
  • Fox Kalomaski Crossing
  • Friendly Giants
  • Frieze
  • Frontroom
  • Futerra
  • George P Johnson
  • Given London
  • Good Agency
  • Goodstuff Communications
  • Grand Central Creative
  • Gravity London
  • Gravity Road
  • Green Cave People
  • Grey
  • GreyBASE
  • GTB
  • Gyro
  • Harbour
  • Hatch London
  • Hatched London
  • Havas CX Helia
  • Havas London
  • Havas Lynx Faze
  • Havas People
  • Haygarth
  • Hell Yeah!
  • Hey Human
  • Hidden Agency Ltd
  • Hive
  • Hogarth Worldwide
  • Hoo-Ha Ltd
  • Hot Pickle
  • Hotwolf
  • How Now Creative Ltd
  • Hudson Wright Easton
  • Huge Inc.
  • Hugo & Cat
  • Hypebeast
  • ICHI Worldwide
  • ICP
  • Ignis Ltd
  • Ignition Creative
  • Impero
  • Initials
  • Innocean Worldwide
  • Intermarketing Agency
  • Intro
  • Iris Worldwide
  • Isobar
  • Isobel
  • ITV Creative
  • IVORY Worldwide
  • Jack Morton Worldwide
  • Jacob Bailey
  • Joint London
  • Jones Knowles Ritchie
  • Just So London
  • JWI Global
  • K4 Creative
  • Karmarama
  • Kastner London
  • Keko London
  • Kesselskramer London
  • Ketchum
  • Khemistry
  • KHWS
  • Kin+Carta
  • King & Tuke
  • King Campbell & Friends
  • King Henry London
  • Kitchen
  • Krow London
  • Kuba & Friends Ltd
  • Landor & Fitch
  • Lavery Rowe Advertising
  • Leagas Delaney
  • Leo Burnett
  • Libertine
  • Line Up Communications
  • Livity
  • London Advertising
  • Love or Fear
  • Lovers
  • Loveurope and Partners
  • Lucky Generals
  • M&C Saatchi
  • M&C Saatchi Accelerator
  • Manifest London
  • Maverick Advertising & Design
  • MBA
  • McCann Demand
  • McCann Enterprise
  • McCann Health
  • McCann London
  • McDonald Butler
  • McFaul_Day
  • Mears Ash
  • Media Reach Advertising
  • Mediablaze
  • MediaCom
  • MerchantCantos
  • Mercieca Ltd
  • MGA Advertising
  • MHM Grax
  • MKTG
  • Module Media Ltd
  • Momentum
  • MomentumABM
  • Mother
  • MOX London
  • Mr. President
  • MSQ Partners
  • MullenLowe
  • MullenLowe Open
  • MullenLowe Profero
  • Neverland Creative Ltd
  • New Commercial Arts
  • Nice And Serious
  • Noah Advertising Ltd
  • Nonsense London
  • Notable London
  • Now Advertising
  • Octagon
  • ODD
  • Ogilvy
  • Ogilvy Health
  • OgilvyOne
  • OgilvyOne Unilever
  • Oliver Agency
  • OMD UK
  • Once Upon A Time London
  • One Big Company
  • Orange Panther Collective
  • Other London
  • Otherway
  • Otm Create
  • Overture London
  • Pablo London
  • Paul Belford Agency
  • PDD Group
  • Penna
  • Phantom
  • Pink Squid
  • Platform London
  • Portas Agency
  • Preloaded
  • Prism Sport + Entertainment
  • Prodigious
  • PS London
  • Publicis Langland
  • Publicis Poke
  • Publicis Sapient
  • Pulse Creative
  • Pulse Group
  • Purple Creative
  • QRBT
  • Quiet Storm
  • R/GA London
  • Radancy
  • Radley Yeldar
  • Ralph
  • RAPP London
  • Re Brand Consultancy
  • Recipe London
  • Red Brick Road
  • Redwood BBDO
  • Rehab
  • Revolt London
  • Right Formula
  • RPM Ltd
  • Saatchi & Saatchi London
  • Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness UK
  • Saddington Baynes
  • Sell Sell
  • Sense London
  • Seven Stones
  • SevenC3
  • Share Creative
  • Simmonds Limited
  • Sledge
  • Smart Soho
  • SMP
  • Smyle
  • Snap London
  • SomeOne
  • Soul London
  • Spark44 London
  • Spinnaker London
  • Splash Worldwide
  • Squint/Opera
  • St Luke's
  • Stellar London
  • Stereo Creative Ltd
  • Stink Studios
  • Storm Creative
  • Strata Creative Communications
  • Studio of Art & Commerce
  • Studio Output
  • Sunshine
  • Superimpose
  • Superunion
  • Symphony Talent
  • Syneos Health
  • Table 19
  • Tallulah
  • Tangent
  • Taylor James Ltd
  • TBA plc
  • TBWA London
  • TBWA Media Arts Lab
  • TBWA WorldHealth London
  • TEA
  • Teads London
  • Teamspirit
  • The BIO Agency
  • The Black Arts Company
  • The Brooklyn Brothers
  • The Community
  • The Constellation Collective
  • The Corner
  • The Creative Engagement Group
  • The Crocodile
  • The Designory
  • The Elephant Room
  • The Fifth
  • The Gate London
  • The Goat Agency
  • The Guardian Labs
  • The Marketing Store London
  • The Milk Crate Club
  • The Outfit
  • The Specialist Works
  • The&Partnership London
  • Think London
  • ThirtyThree
  • TikTok Creative Lab
  • TMP Worldwide
  • TMW Unlimited
  • Toaster
  • Tommy
  • Treacle 7 Ltd
  • Tribal Worldwide London
  • Truant London
  • Tug Agency
  • TWELVE Agency
  • U-Dox
  • U-Studio
  • UKTV Creative
  • UM London
  • Uncommon London
  • Vault49
  • VaynerMedia
  • VCCP
  • VCCP Blue
  • VCCP Health
  • VCCP Media
  • Verve
  • VIRTUE Worldwide
  • VMLY&R
  • VMLY&R Commerce
  • VMLY&Rx
  • WARL
  • Wasserman X
  • Waste Creative
  • Wavemaker
  • Wax/On
  • Way To Blue
  • We are Fearless
  • We are Social
  • We Are Spectacular
  • WeCanMake
  • What If! Innovation Partners
  • Who Wot Why
  • Wieden + Kennedy
  • Winkreative
  • WJP Floyd Advertising
  • WMW
  • Wonderful Content
  • Wonderhood Studios
  • WPNC
  • WPP Group Plc
  • WRG Live
  • WTF Creative
  • Wunderman Thompson
  • Wunderman Thompson Health
  • YesMore
  • You Agency
  • ZAK Agency
  • ZEAL Creative Ltd London
  • Zero Degrees West
  • Zone Digital

Full Article - Top Advertising Agencies London

List of Advertising Agencies

Published by Steph - 5th July 2021

List of Advertising Agencies

Access the world's most accurate list of Advertising Agencies. Find Agencies large and small. From award-winning start-ups to global ad agency networks.

"Which big agencies are included in the Bikinilists list of Advertising Agencies?"
Here's a quick sample:

  • Bartle Bogle Hegarty BBH
  • Craft WW
  • Havas London
  • Iris Worldwide
  • Lucky Generals
  • Mother
  • MullenLowe
  • Ogilvy
  • OgilvyOne Unilever
  • Prodigious
  • Publicis Langland
  • Publicis Poke
  • Southpaw
  • TBWA Media Arts Lab
  • The&Partnership London
  • Winkreative

"What can I do with this list of advertising agencies?"
Bikinilists' list of top advertising agencies is used by international Photographers, Reps and TV Production Companies to save time and money. Spend less time researching and more time doing what you love.

Download lists of Advertising Agencies and reach out to the right people at these agencies by email, phone, direct mail or connect with advertsing creatives and producers on LinkedIn. Get your work in front of the people who matter most.

"What countries do you have lists for?"
Bikinilists has lists of Advertising Agencies in:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • The Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • South Africa
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • New Zealand

Get instant access to this list of advertising agencies now.

Full Article - List of Advertising Agencies

UK Illustration Agency Campaign

Published by Catherine - 21st June 2021

UK Illustration Agency Campaign

A colourful campaign from Mummy Brown Illustration Agency.

Mummy Brown is a small illustration agency with a firm ‘quality over quantity’ ethos. Representing a selection of hugely talented artists from around the world, each with their own unique style.

Why not create your own campaign?

Full Article - UK Illustration Agency Campaign

Illustration Zone Launch Campaign

Published by Catherine - 21st June 2021

Illustration Zone Launch Campaign

A great campaign from Illustration Zone.

IllustrationZone is a boutique illustration agency representing a small group of illustrators from around the world, handpicked for their unique talent, originality and international experience.

Why not create your own campaign?

Full Article - Illustration Zone Launch Campaign

Why Reps love Agency Source/Bikinilists

Published by Catherine - 8th June 2021

Why Reps love Agency Source/Bikinilists

Julia King at Shortlist Management says:

'We’re very impressed so far! We love that it's an excellent resource but we love even more how receptive you guys are to feedback and that you guys are so on it when we submit research requests. Very pleased!'

Sounds good?

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Talent Republic Showcase

Published by Catherine - 3rd June 2021

Talent Republic Showcase

Back of the net for this campaign!

'Talent Republic have worked with Just Eat and McCann London, this time to propose and secure five legendary footballers for the food delivery platform’s sponsorship of the (very) long-awaited UEFA EURO 2020.'

Established in 2006, Talent Republic are the leading independent talent-brokering consultancy in Europe. Thinking creatively and strategically to identify and secure famous international names for agencies and brands.

Why not create your own campaign?

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Plum Reps Showcase

Published by Catherine - 3rd June 2021

Plum Reps Showcase

Brilliant campaign from Plum Reps with work from photographer Heami Lee

'From Bon Appetite to Sephora and Allure... add a dash of color and put a little spring in your step!'

Plum Reps is a women owned boutique agency, representing photographers and stylists in the commercial, editorial and publishing worlds from large scope to small start up projects.

Why not create your own campaign?

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Yard Dog Showcase

Published by Catherine - 3rd June 2021

Yard Dog Showcase

A great campaign from Yard Dog - 'Director Graeme Joyce joins Yard Dog bringing his talent for authentic storytelling with a cinematic style.'

Yard Dog is a full service production company founded by partners/executive producers Beth Pearson and Joe Piccirillo. 'We have cultivated a diverse roster of award winning Directors to create memorable commercials, branded content, experiential films and digital content.'

Why not create your own campaign?

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The Easy Way to Source Advertising Creatives

Published by Catherine - 2nd June 2021

The Easy Way to Source Advertising Creatives

Photographers, Reps, Production Companies and Freelance Commercials Directors can now login and source creative directors and producers at top Adverting Agencies.

Bikinilists is the leading creative source for connecting with more creative clients

Whether you shoot stills, TV commercials or both you can access the most accurate database and get your shots and sequences in front of the right people that source creative projects in your specialty.

Access the advertising database - login and reach out to your new clients 24/7. Start your creative search now - take a free trial

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Who Worked on What

Published by Steph - 22nd May 2021

Who Worked on What

Introducing the new agency source package from Bikinilists. Extra focussed. Super Targeted: Win More Clients.

Reach out to Agency Producers, Creative Directors and Art Directors. Find out where they are and which brands they work on. Right Now.

Connect with CMOs at top UK Brands, all updated & Refreshed on a rolling cycle by the mighty research team at bikinilists.

Search by Agency, Brand or Job Title. See who works on what. Right Now.

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Find New Business Contacts

Published by Steph - 20th May 2021

Find New Business Contacts

BikiniLists is pleased to announce new search features and even more new ways to find new business contacts.

Photographers, Illustrators and their Reps can now target new clients with pin-point accuracy and identify Creative Directors, Agency Producers and In-House Marketing Teams with the right kind of projects at top US Advertising Agencies and Brands.

Search by Job Title, Agency Name, Client Brand and Location.

This week we added more Agency Producers & Creatives at:

  • Area 23
  • Berlin Cameron
  • Doner
  • Epsilon Atlanta
  • Pereira & O'Dell
  • Saatchi & Saatchi NY
  • VaynerMedia
  • Venables Bell SF

Connect with them here

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New Agency Producers

Published by Steph - 20th May 2021

New Agency Producers

This week's updates... New Agency Producers & Creatives at: Area 23, BBDO NY, Berlin Cameron, Doner, Epsilon Atlanta, Pereira & O'Dell, Saatchi & Saatchi NY, VaynerMedia, Venables Bell SF...

Connect with them here.

#advertising #production #tvcommercial #creativedirector #marketing #bikinilists #agencysource

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More US Agency Producers

Published by Steph - 15th May 2021

More US Agency Producers

More US Agency Producers have just gone live on our creative marketing platform for Production Cos & Reps. Meet your new clients here...

#producers #creative #advertisingagency #marketing101 #tvcommercials #tvproduction #bikinilists

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Mekanism, Deutsch, Plot Twist

Published by Steph - 1st May 2021

Mekanism, Deutsch, Plot Twist

Find more production clients. New Agency Producers & Creatives at Anomaly, Deutsch, Plot Twist, AKQA, BBDO, Havas, Droga5 and many more... Get a free quote today.

#bikinilists #advertising #production #commercials #tvproduction

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Ann-Kirsten Retiring

Published by Steph - 22nd April 2021

Ann-Kirsten Retiring

Congratulations to Ann-Kirsten who retires this month after 15 years at Bikinilists... Her hard work and attention to detail has been integral to the success of the company.

As we grew and expanded from our humble beginnings in 2004 when photo projects were shot on film and archives were still housed in wooden boxes.

There are many photographers, illustrators, agents and stock libraries who will be grateful for all the help and encouragement she has given them with marketing promotions over the years.

She's outlasted four UK Prime Ministers, three US Presidents and seen the launch of MySpace, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Slack, Whatsapp, Tik Tok and more. We wish her every success for the future.

Bon Voyage Ann-Kirsten.
From all at BikiniLists

#bikinilists #happyretirement #holidays #travel #relaxation

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New Creative Directors

Published by Steph - 14th April 2021

New Creative Directors

The Bikinilists research team have been hard at work down in the boiler room. Here's a little peak into what they've been up to.

In the last week we added:

  • New Creative Directors at Leo Burnett Detroit
  • More Art Directors for The Marketing Arm Dallas
  • Checked and verified new Agency Producers at McCann New York, 72andSunny and Team One LA
  • Plus new arrivals at Deutsch, Argonaut, Mekanism, DDB and more

#BikiniLists #TVProducers #ArtProducers #Agents #BikiniLists #Promotion #Production #Reps #Commercials

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Time To Refocus

Published by Steph - 3rd Feb 2021

Time To Refocus

It's 2021, it's time to refocus and promote your work... and it's our job to help with that!

Over the last few months, we've been extremely busy... keeping our hungry subscribers bang up-to-date with all the industry movers and shakers to help them get more commissions and more work. Here's a little taste of what's been going on:

  • More than 9400 contacts updated across over 3500 companies
  • New London start-up agencies added
  • More than 95% LinkedIn connections now included
  • Email campaign traction and results improving

Get set, get ahead and get more work in 2021.

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Bikinilists Boiler Room

Published by Steph - 10th May 2021

Bikinilists Boiler Room

We've got some exciting things cooking in the Bikinilists boiler room at the moment, so grab a free account to watch this space for updates!

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Business Outlook Brightening

Published by Steph - 2nd Feb 2021

Business Outlook Brightening

The data from the AA/WARC Expenditure Report shows the overall decline expected in 2020 may be less than feared, but the recovery in 2021 will be stronger than we would have dared hope.

With the vaccine rollout accelerating and a Brexit trade deal in place, the 2021 business outlook is brightening...

Stephen Woodford, Chief Executive, Advertising Association

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Fresh Start 2021

Published by Steph - 13th Jan 2021

Fresh Start 2021

Get set, get ahead and get more work in 2021 with our Fresh Start Offers, exclusive to Bikinilists Freebie Account Holders.

Hurry! Only available until January 31st!

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Re-energize Your Business

Published by Catherine - 13th Jan 2021

Re-energize Your Business

A lot has changed for us all over the past 10 months.

If you've taken your foot off the gas connecting with the right creative contacts during this time, fear not... we can help with that.

Here's what our subscribers have been up to over the past few months:

  • Over 1500 email promotions were sent to over 50,000 creative contacts
  • 25,465 directory search matches were made
  • 90% of creative search results included linkedin profiles

It's 2021, and it's time to re-energize your agency business. Get new contacts. Get new clients. Get more work.

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Get Back to Business

Published by Catherine - 8th Sep 2020

Get Back to Business

Over the past 3 months we've been keeping up to date and ready to get back to business.

Our crack team of research wizards has checked over 60,000 creative contacts and updated 9,415 people at 3,671 agencies and brands and we're adding new contacts daily.

We've changed:

  • 575 contacts in 1,068 Companies in the UK
  • 4748 contacts in 1,735 Companies in the US
  • 2092 contacts in 868 Companies across Europe and Asia

So what does that mean? It means our lists are fresh, up-to-date and ready for you to start connecting with new clients!

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Bikinilists Is On It

Published by Ross - 29th April 2020

Bikinilists Is On It

It's tough out there in 2020. As a small creative business ourselves, we totally get what our Photographers, Illustrators, Reps and Production Companies are going through.

What our subscribers need more than ever is for us to be right on top of things ready for the recovery... We're on it.

Our research team hasn't missed a beat. We've been set up for remote working for the last six weeks, checking and updating changes as soon as we find them.

Earlier this month, we made free lists and other items available to freelancers working in isolation and we've started a "Working From Home Survey" to gather experiences, ideas and tips to share next month.

We expect the number of changes/updates to increase in the coming weeks and we're putting plans in place to make sure we keep up with those as much as we can.

This is uncharted territory for us all and it would be great to hear your insights. Get in touch - we're ready to help.

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Government Spending Big

Published by Steph - 14th May 2021

Government Spending Big

Did you know... that HM Government was the UK's biggest advertiser in 2020, with an estimated spend of £164,000,000?

Unilever, Sky and P&G were 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively.

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Egghunt Goodies

Published by Catherine - 25th Mar 2020

Egghunt Goodies

We have launched our 2020 Bikinilists Egghunt. In these difficult times, we wanted to give something back to our lovely subscribers.

Working and connecting with people online is now more important than ever. We also understand that theres a lot of uncertainty for our Photography and Illustration freelancers. Which is why we are giving away free gifts to our subscribers everyday right up until Easter Monday. This could be anything from a marketing plan, lists of contacts, discounts or even a free email campaign.

Check back daily for free goodies. Go on you deserve it!

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Illustration in Isolation

Published by Ross - 24th Mar 2020

Illustration in Isolation

We spoke to illustrator Paul Collicutt about concerns for creatives during this time and what Bikinilists can do to help.

Bikinilists: How concerned are you about the possibility of an extended period working in isolation?

Paul: Working from home is not a problem in itself as I work part time from home anyway and am well set up. The problem I think will be working from home with the rest of the family in isolation too. We have 2 kids and they do need attention. I think we'll all have to be disciplined.

We know it's tough out there... have you noticed a tightening of the purse strings or uncertainty from any regular or potential clients?

Yes. I have lost clients in Hong Kong and in the UK people are just a lot more uncertain. I know of at least one magazine that has just pulled all its budgets back for the next 3 months and no illustrations are being commissioned at all for 3 months.

What are your plans for networking and promoting in the coming weeks?

Not really a plan as such but rather a determination to carry on. There must be areas that are doing well.

Do you feel that you have all the tools you need to stay productive and keep business moving during this period?

I have all the tools to stay productive but I'm worried about getting business in. Right now I have no jobs lined up at all and to be honest I am really struggling with making contacts that result in jobs.

How do you think we at BikiniLists could help freelancers like yourself to power through this tricky situation?

Maybe any insights you have could be shared... suggestions about campaigns would work well... maybe something like the advent gifts you gave out at Christmas, contacts from another sector... publishing... that would be very useful.

Watch this space.

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Finding New Clients is Key

Published by Steph - 21st Aug 2020

Finding New Clients is Key

Finding new creative clients is the key to the recovery of your business in 2020, so now's the time to start reaching out and building relationships with new people at agencies and brands.

"BikiniLists is a hugely valuable database that will save you hundreds of hours and allow you to focus on what you do best."
The Other Richard, Photographer.

We've been busy keeping our creative marketing lists up to date so you can log in and kick-start your marketing.

Give us a call on 0207 112 1105 to register for the KICKSTART package.

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Find New Opportunities

Published by Catherine - 28th Jul 2020

Find New Opportunities

Work Smart. Plan ahead and find new opportunities with a little extra help from your friends at Bikinilists!

  • Reach out to new clients in new markets
  • Identify targets in new business sectors
  • Get your work seen by more of the right people
Bikinilists can help with that.

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Connect with Agencies and Brands

Published by Catherine - 9th Jun 2020

Connect with Agencies and Brands

Right now, production people are looking for answers.

  • How do we connect with the right people at Agencies and Brands?
  • How can I find out which Agency is working with top US Brands?
  • Who do we promote to - to keep the work coming in?

That's where we come in. We'll help you find those answers, and we'll keep finding them all year round.

We know who's working on what. Right now.

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Free Lists and Offers

Published by Catherine - 10th Apr 2020

Free Lists and Offers

We hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well.

We've been reaching out to our subscribers over the last few weeks to see how everyone's doing... and the feedback is that photographers and illustrators are concerned about how to keep their work in front of creatives ready for when we all regroup.

Here are some Easter goodies for freelancers in isolation to help keep things rolling.

Click here to go to the Bikini Egg Hunt page to claim your freebies.

Check back daily for more give-aways.

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Keep the Wheels Turning

Published by Ross - 31st Mar 2020

Keep the Wheels Turning

Hi Guys, hope you and yours are all safe and well.

We've been reaching out to subscribers over the last couple of weeks to see how you are all doing with everything that's going on. Feedback is that people are concerned about keeping things moving and how best to communicate with the industry... we'd like to offer a helping hand.

We'll help you compose and send a free email campaign to 1000 contacts over the coming weeks to help keep the cogs turning.

We've seen a slight INCREASE in engagement levels for subscribers' promos to creatives over the last week - so register your interest ASAP and we'll get your promo set up and scheduled for the appropriate time.

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Best Agency Access Alternative 2021

Published by Steph - 23rd September 2021

Best Agency Access Alternative 2021

Here at Bikinilists, we are true believers in quality over quantity, especially when it comes to maximising your time and getting you more commissions.

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