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100k Creative Contacts

100k Creative Contacts

Published by Steph - 5th January 2024

100k Creative Contacts

As the sun sets on another incredible year, we wanted to take a minute to thank our lovely Subscribers for their support, feedback, requests (and a few complaints!) that helped to make 2023 one of our best ever. Let's take a look at a few of the major steps and milestones Bikinilists and Agency Source achieved in the last 12 months...

We'd secretly hoped to sneak over the "100k Creative Contacts" mark in 2023 - 20 years in the making - and we're delighted to report that we crushed both that and the "15k Agencies" target too! The more eagle-eyed among you will have spotted these numbers on the homepage, which as of today are now reporting 104,932 Creative Contacts at 15,657 Agencies. These aren't simply vanity metrics. The mind-boggling numbers mean it's now easier than ever for you to find exactly the right contacts you need. If you're looking for new clients in Advertising, Design, Editorial and TV Production, we mean it more than ever when we say "we've got you covered!".

To keep the mighty Bikinilists Database engine running smoothly, we've further expanded our crack team of research wizards, all skillfully managed by our Research Director Vaibhav, who's been with Bikinilists now for almost 20 years! The extra research horsepower has allowed us to expand our "Research on Demand" product, successfully completing over 250 custom research tasks for our subscribers in 2023. Phew!

With massively-increased interest from across the pond, we've had to call in reinforcements for our US sales team, with the one-and-only Colleen (if you know, you know) now being joined by Chuck, who brings 35 years (wooft!) of industry experience along, further bolstering our talented team.

We also seem to have inadvertantly hired another new employee, who never fail, joins us for our end-of-day huddles. Actually, it's probably about time Orly was added to our team section to make it official. Should probably also mention that Orly is Catherine's cat...

On a sadder note, November marked 2 years since we lost our great colleague and friend Kenny, who in a fairer world would have been here to celebrate these milestones with us. Kenny played a huge part in our current successes and to this day his positivity and professionalism is sorely missed. :(

So what's in store for 24? We have a major product expansion in the works, which has to remain hush hush for now... although I hear rumblings from the Bikinilists Boiler Room that we won't have to wait too long for it to see the light of day and blow your socks off.

So here's to new contacts, new opportunities and - most of all - new clients in 2024. Cheers!

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