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Illustration in Isolation

Illustration in Isolation

Published by Ross - 24th Mar 2020

Illustration In Isolation

We spoke to illustrator Paul Collicutt about concerns for creatives during this time and what Bikinilists can do to help.

Bikinilists: How concerned are you about the possibility of an extended period working in isolation?

Paul: Working from home is not a problem in itself as I work part time from home anyway and am well set up. The problem I think will be working from home with the rest of the family in isolation too. We have 2 kids and they do need attention. I think we'll all have to be disciplined.

We know it's tough out there... have you noticed a tightening of the purse strings or uncertainty from any regular or potential clients?

Yes. I have lost clients in Hong Kong and in the UK people are just a lot more uncertain. I know of at least one magazine that has just pulled all its budgets back for the next 3 months and no illustrations are being commissioned at all for 3 months.

What are your plans for networking and promoting in the coming weeks?

Not really a plan as such but rather a determination to carry on. There must be areas that are doing well.

Do you feel that you have all the tools you need to stay productive and keep business moving during this period?

I have all the tools to stay productive but I'm worried about getting business in. Right now I have no jobs lined up at all and to be honest I am really struggling with making contacts that result in jobs.

How do you think we at BikiniLists could help freelancers like yourself to power through this tricky situation?

Maybe any insights you have could be shared... suggestions about campaigns would work well... maybe something like the advent gifts you gave out at Christmas, contacts from another sector... publishing... that would be very useful.

Watch this space.

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