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How to Create Bespoke Bikinilists Packages

How to Create Bespoke Bikinilists Packages

Published by Steph - 11th March 2022

How to Create Bespoke Bikinilists Packages

Did you know that it's easy to create your own bespoke Bikinilists packages? Tailor your own Bikinilists Online Quotes to create the perfect package for your promotions.

With an easy-to-use Graphical interface, you can quickly and easily answer 5 straight-to-the-point questions about your promotional requirements:

1) What do you do? e.g. Photography, TV Production, Stock etc.
2) Where are you looking to get new clients? e.g. USA, UK, Europe, Asia or International.
3) Which types of companies do you need to access? e.g. Advertising Agencies, TV Production Companies, Corporations, Graphic Design Firms, Editorial.
4) Who will you send your work to? e.g. Art Buyers, Creative Directors, TV Producers, Brand Marketers, Photo Editors.
5) How are you going to connect with them? e.g. Telephone Calls, Postal Campaigns, Personal Emails, Social Media, Email Marketing.

Tick the appropriate boxes to craft the perfect, tailored quote for your business in under 60 seconds.

Need to edit your quote? You'll find a copy of your online quote in your email inbox, allowing you to amend your package as and when required. Ready to pay for your subscription? That's easy too! Simply click the link in your email to access our secure online payment gateway to activate your package by card (no PayPal account required).

Congratulations, you've now got 24/7 access to thousands of Creative Buyers who are looking for great work, just like yours...

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