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Best LinkedIn Premium Alternative 2023

Best LinkedIn Premium Alternative 2023

Published by Steph - 14th April 2023

Best LinkedIn Premium Alternative 2023

As a commercial photographer in 2023, you need a reliable platform to connect with potential clients and showcase your work. While LinkedIn Premium may seem like an obvious choice, Bikinilists offers a range of benefits that are specifically tailored for Commercial Photographers. Here are just a few reasons why Bikinilists is the better option for today's Top Commercial Photographers.

Industry-Specific Contacts

One of the main benefits of Bikinilists is that it provides access to a meticulously-maintained database of industry-specific contacts, i.e. Commercial Photography Buyers. This means that you can easily find and connect with future clients who are specifically looking for Top Commercial Photography, just like yours. LinkedIn Premium may offer a wider range of contacts, but many of them will be completely irrelevant for your particular niche and act as nothing more than a distraction.

Personalised Email Campaigns

Bikinilists allows you to create personalised email campaigns to target specific job roles within Advertising Agencies, Graphic Design Firms, Publishing Houses, Corporations and more. This means that you can tailor your message to appeal to the unique needs of each potential Agency, increasing your chances of success. LinkedIn Premium does not offer this level of customization, making it harder to stand out from the crowd.

Affordable Pricing

LinkedIn Premium can be quite expensive for a tool that isn't specifically tailored to your marketing needs, with plans starting at $29.99 per month. Bikinilists on the other hand offers the chance to gain access to thousands of industry-specific contacts for a set yearly cost. Licences can also be obtained with discounts for members of the APA, AOI and more...

The Bikinilists Family

Our users often describe a feeling of being part of a "family" rather than just a customer or a number on a database. Bikinilists users have a dedicated and friendly Account Manager and direct contact with their Promotions Consultant throughout their subscription. We love to get to know our users better as we believe it helps us deliver a more bespoke service with a personal touch... Something that could be lacking in the culture of other, over-inflated teams. Come and join the Bikinilists Family today to experience the difference for yourself.

Improved ROI

Because Bikinilists is specifically tailored to the needs of Commercial Photographers, it offers a higher return on investment than LinkedIn Premium. By using the platform to connect with relevant contacts and send personalised email campaigns, you can increase your chances of securing new clients and growing your business.

Try it free today and see why Bikinilists is the smarter choice for Commercial Photographers looking to grow their business.

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