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The Creative Buyers Database for Artists

New York - Chicago - Los Angeles - London - Paris - Berlin - Cape Town - Mumbai - Shanghai - Sydney

What is the BikiniLists creative buyers database for Artists?

BikiniLists gives artists access to contact lists of Creative Buyers : Art Buyers, Art Producers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Photo Editors and more in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia. Research companies and build mailing lists of creative buyers in Advertising Agencies, Graphic Design companies, Magazines, Book Publishing, Brands, TV Production and other commissioners of Photography, Motion Content and Illustration. Creative Buyer is a term we use to describe anyone who commissions or assigns projects for photographers and illustrators... Find out more

Do you have creative buyers for Photographers?

Yes the database has creative marketing lists for photographers who want to shoot in Advertising, Magazines and direct for US Brands. You can quickly access New York creative buyers, photo editors in Los Angeles, Creative Directors in Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia... in just a few taps or clicks. We also have creative buyers databases for stock agencies, photo reps and illustrators... Find out more

Which types of creative buyers do you list?

Art Buyers, Art Producers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Photo Editors... BikiniLists has creative buyers for artists in Advertising Agencies, Graphic Design Firms, Magazines, Newspapers, Publishing Houses, TV Production Companies, PR Companies, Direct Corporate Brands... If you are looking for a marketing list of Creative Directors in Advertising we have the right creative buyers database for you... Find out more

Can you help photographers get creative agency access?

The BikiniLists database and emailer platform gives you all the tools you need to reach out to more creative clients. The advertising agency database lists creative buyers with the right projects for your photo specialty. Find Art Buyer contacts at agencies with food clients, or Art Directors at Automotive agencies, or Photo editors at Lifestyle or Fashion Magazines. Then get noticed by promoting the right work to the right people in the right way. The BikiniLists emailer platform is designed to get your work noticed by creative buyers... Find out more

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